Primary iTunes U… it begins!

This week saw the start of our NTLT Primary iTunes U project. Having used iTunes U myself for training, and after hearing Abdul Chohan speaking at an Apple Event, I can see the potential of how iTunes U could be used in a primary setting.

We have created a group of 5 schools who have been on their iPad journeys for a number of years now who are ready to embed Apple Technology into daily life in their classrooms. We felt it was the natural next step for these schools.

Abdul and Zainab kindly joined us this Monday for some iTunes U training and it was great to have a ‘deep dive’ into iTunes U but to discuss this from a primary perspective. As soon as the training began, teachers from our 5 schools started to generate ideas as to how iTunes U could be used in their classrooms. These were recorded on Padlet throughout the day.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 16.43.23

It was great to see so many ideas being generated throughout the day. In the afternoon, we took a strategic approach, looking at how this could be implemented into our classrooms. Staff were so eager to ‘have a go’ so they began to create content that they could use in their own schools.

It will be so exciting to see how this progresses over the year.

Here is the storify of the buzz of activity that was Monday!

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 16.46.22

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