Why I love GoNoodle and #NTLTNoodlers!

I was first introduced to GoNoodle at TeachMeet Tyne (#TMTyne) in November by Simon McLoughlin. As soon as I had taken part in a bit of Maximo and a bit of A-Moose-Ta-Cha, I was hooked! So were the other teachers that I was with too it seemed!


Mr Tullock, Miss Harrison and Mr Keys thoroughly enjoying themselves at #TMTyne (with Mr Grimes right at the back too!)

I loved the simplicity of the website and the engagement of it! It was a lightbulb moment for me and I couldn’t wait to tell all of our NTLT schools about it. I mentioned it to schools when I went in to support with all things eLearning. I just felt that I needed to shout a bit louder about it so that more people could see how beneficial it can be in their classrooms.

At BETT this year, Simon tweeted about a dance off at the GoNoodle/ClassDojo/Kahoot stand. So off I went, alongside some of my amazing colleagues to get involved!

We enjoyed it so much and it was from here that I wanted to try to get some kind of project running in North Tyneside – but what it was, I wasn’t sure. It was a flippant comment I made in a school that started #NTLTNoodlers. I was visiting Denbigh Primary School when they were GoNoodling and I said ‘I can’t stay but why don’t you tweet me a video of your best GoNoodling?’ and from there, #NTLTNoodlers was born.

That week, I tweeted a video with the hashtag #NTLTNoodlers for schools to follow and upload their video sharing their #GoNoodleLove (a competition that Simon McLoughlin was running at the time) thinking it would be a small affair. How wrong could I be? Schools engaged brilliantly and loved it!

We had a range of videos taken from the GoNoodle website and each school or class tweeted a 30 second clip of their best Go Noodling! 1 particular school even GoNoodled on their school trip and took part in a GoNoodle Flashmob on the Metro! I have lots of respect for Richardson Dees Year 3 class and their amazing teacher Mr Tullock. See his blog about GoNoodle here.

So to celebrate, I created a montage of all of the #NTLTNoodlers videos. Take a look below!


So here we are, at the end of week 2 and a half term. 3 schools has quickly turned to 8 schools and some members of staff are becoming extremely competitive! We are having inter school competitions as well as the #NTLTNoodlers hashtag. We had over 13 minutes of footage submitted for the 2nd week!

So, what’s next for #NTLTNoodlers? Well, I have a few things in the pipeline that I’m in contact with GoNoodle HQ about but I can’t wait to get back to work on Monday and start a new #NTLTNoodlers competition for the next half term.

I have already scheduled my tweets (the joy of Hootsuite!) for the first week back so that all of the video are selected and ready to go as soon as the schools get back.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 16.38.52.png

I absolutely love GoNoodle! Mary, Taylor and the team are brilliant, the website is fab and the reaction that we are getting from the children is truly amazing!

Follow the fun of #NTLTNoodlers on Twitter to see our children (and their staff!) getting involved in some amazing Noodling!

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