Getting your ClassDojoMojo on!

A lot of the schools that I work with in North Tyneside Learning Trust have adopted ClassDojo and has become part of their daily classroom practice. This week, I was talking to a teacher who was new to the school and struggling with using ClassDojo (as they didn’t know much about it) and they made me think about all of those new teachers who have joined our schools after ClassDojo has been introduced to their staff. Where do these teachers go for help and support in implementing ClassDojo into their classrooms when it is already established in schools?

So, I put on my thinking hat and thought I would share my 3 top tips of places and resources to help!

ClassDojo Helpdesk


This is a very underused website that a lot of our teachers didn’t know about. ClassDojo are an amazing company and support their teachers really well. There isn’t a question or a query (that I’ve found so far!) that isn’t answered on here and is great for those who are starting off and those who have lost their ClassDojoMojo! From creating an account to banking points, from customising monsters to sending attachments to parents, it’s all covered brilliantly on this site.

ClassDojo Resources – for when you have lost your ClassDojoMojo!


This is the perfect website to visit when things seem to have stalled with ClassDojo. There’s a great Professional Development tool that you can download or run interactively – great for a Back to School Training Session or for those members of staff who are new. There are also resources like presentations and letters to download when introducing parents to ClassDojo. And for those of you who like to decorate your classroom in style, there is a brilliant Decoration Pack free to download.

ClassDojo UK Facebook Page and Twitter Account


Social Media is a great place for Professional Development and my go-to place for resources and when I have a question. The ClassDojo UK Facebook page is such a brilliant resource; teachers asking questions and sharing resources on a daily basis. It’s great to see how ClassDojo is being used across every phase and in such a range of schools. If you are looking for ways to celebrate ClassDojo in school, looking for ways that schools have integrated ClassDojo into their Behaviour Policy or even looking for links for certain videos, it’s your one stop shop for information!

So, if you are a new teacher to ClassDojo, or even a teacher who has been using ClassDojo for a while, why not take a look at my 3 top tips to help you get your ClassDojoMojo back!

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