Sphero Mats – such a great classroom resource!

I was very lucky to be contacted by Michael O’Kane to try out the Sphero Activity Mats with our Trust Schools. We have a set of SPRK+ that are available to loan from North Tyneside Learning Trust but am often asked where to start with them. So when this opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance to try these Sphero Mats!

To be honest, I was expecting a flat pack folded mat to arrive so therefore was extremely surprised when a huge box arrived. The mats were extremely well packed and I was extremely impressed by the quality and thickness. And, boy! Were they big! It was so refreshing to see such a high quality resource than has obviously been thought about for use in the classroom.


This one couldn’t even fit on our office floor!

These looked great in the office but I knew I needed to road test them with the children. So, I contacted one of our amazing Learning Trust Schools who had just recently purchased a set of Sphero and went along with the mats to hear first hand from the children what they thought.


The children at Redesdale Primary School were so welcoming and enthusiastic! I thought that I could write a blog post about what they thought about using the mats, but then I thought, why not let you hear from the children themselves? So I set them a challenge of creating a Movie (either in iMovie or Clips) about the Mats. Here’s just a few of the videos to tell us what they thought. I will tweet the other videos that were created over the next couple of weeks.

So, to sum up…

Thank you so much to Michael O’Kane for sending these mats for us to try. If you are interested in purchasing a mat or a set of mats, please contact him. A huge thank you to Miss Anderson and her class and Digital Leaders at Redesdale Primary School. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you!

2 thoughts on “Sphero Mats – such a great classroom resource!

  1. WOW! Can’t wait to show the class this blog tomorrow.

    Thank you so much for letting us explore the mats. Our Digital ambassadors are currently planning a Sphero Coding Club to run with Y3 using the new mats 😃

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