Tonies – my new favourite thing!

I came across Tonies on Twitter over the Summer and loved what I saw! I knew straight away that these could have a positive effect in our classrooms in the Trust so was so excited to open the box when it arrived!

And straight away, I was extremely impressed! The packaging was high quality, eye catching and explained the product really well and I loved the packaging of the bags that the individual Tonies came in. Once the Toniebox was out of its box, it was up and running straight away. It is so intuitive to use and within seconds, I was exploring how the Tonies work and the range of stories and songs on each figure.

I love the figures. They are so lovely, the attention to detail is phenomenal (the Gruffalo is just adorable!) and they are so robust and perfect for tiny hands. The voices are just lovely too… take a listen!

At this point, Daisy, my 2 year old daughter came into the room and suddenly it became ‘Daisy’s robot’ and has firmly remained that since. I have to sneak it out of the house to take to my Trust Schools and have to make sure it is back in it’s place before she realises it! In all seriousness, I have noticed as a new parent, how often ‘toys’ lose their appeal very quickly, but not the Toniebox.

Daisy loves using it because she can control it easily. The intuitive nature of the product means she can easily change the volume (using the ears), change tracks (by tapping either side of the box) and change the Tonie figures on the top, depending on what she wants to listen to. Her firm favourites are the Gruffalo, the Snowman and the ‘Playtime and Action Songs’ dog and I can totally see why.

Often, the quality of the recordings of children’s audiobooks and songs can be… interesting but this is one of the things that impressed me the most about the Tonies. The songs are extremely melodic, have a lovely rhythm and are very easy to dance to… as you can see!

Daisy dancing to the ‘Playtime and Action Songs’ Tonies.

The quality of the book-based Tonies are as equally as good. Daisy loves listening to Benedict Cumberbatch reading The Snowman and the Snowdog and each book is read in a way that engages children but that is also suitable for bedtimes too.

I am so excited to demonstrate the Toniebox and Tonies in our schools, especially to work alongside our schools to see how these can be used effectively in our classrooms. One of the things I am really looking forward to exploring with our schools is the use of the Creative-Tonies. Creative-Tonies are just like Tonies, but you are able to record your own 90 minutes of sound onto the Tonies through the app or through Toniecloud.

One of the first things we will explore is how the Creative-Tonies can be used to support our schools who use Talk4Writing in their schools and also how children can record their own stories onto the Creative-Tonies. Another exciting project we will explore will also be how we can use these with our children who have English as an Additional Language and how we can use the Creative-Tonies effectively to support language development.

I am looking to bring together Educators in our Trust Schools to try the Toniebox and Tonies in their schools with me working alongside you. If this is something you are interested in for your school, please get in touch!

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